Medical expenses include premiums paid to private health plans as well as travel medical insurance.
Prescriptions, glasses, contact lenses, dental, physiotherapy, chiropractor and acupuncture can be
claimed. Payment for wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids, dentures, pacemakers, as well, as long as
there is a prescription for each item. Some Care Home costs can be used so check with the facility.
Click here for more information.

Disability Supports Deduction – If you incurred expenses in the year to work, go to school or do
research and you have an impairment in physical or mental functions, you may be eligible
for extra, non-transferable, deductions. Click here for more information.

Foreign Income – ALL foreign income must be reported, including pensions, investment income, employment income,
social security etc

Employment Expenses – These can only be claimed (with receipts) if not reimbursed
by the employer. T2200 must be filled out and signed by your employer each year.

Pension Income Splitting - Couples will be able to reduce their combined tax payable by transferring up
to 1/2 of their eligible pension, annuity and/or RRIF payments to their spouse.

Home Accessibility Tax CreditCertain expenditures (up to $20,000.00) may be eligible
for a tax credit for renovations or alterations to your home to enhance mobility.
This is available to seniors over 65 or those taxpayers eligible for the Disability
Tax Credit. Qualifying expenses include wheelchair ramps, walk in bath tubs and showers, and grab bars.

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